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New "selenium" prospects for alpine vegetables: A demonstration meeting on the cultivation of Asian and African broccoli moss in the Wuling mountainous area was held in Enshi

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"Early in the morning, the car that bought the broccoli drove to the field, and it was in short supply for five yuan a catty. If it is planted in this way, the income per mu of land this year will be more than 8,000 yuan, which is more than 2,000 yuan more than that of potatoes." Enshi Prefecture Said Zheng Weile, a grower of Asian and African broccoli moss.

On July 10th, representatives from mountain vegetable planting cooperatives in Wuling mountainous areas such as Enshi, Hefeng, Lichuan and Wufeng, as well as heads of vegetable planting enterprises in Wuhan, Xiaogan, Jingzhou, Ningxia, Guizhou, Henan, Sichuan, Hunan and other places and Central China Nearly 80 scientific researchers from the Agricultural University, Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other institutions gathered in Enshi to attend the “Wuling Mountain Area Asian and African Broccoli Alpine Cultivation Demonstration Meeting" (hereinafter referred to as "Demonstration Field Meeting"), through on-site observation, training and guidance, explores a new path for the healthy, steady and efficient operation of the high-quality and high-efficiency vegetable industry in the Wuling Mountains of Hubei.

The "Demonstration Field Meeting" was presided over by Qiu Zhengming, a post scientist of the National Bulk Vegetable Industry Technology System and President of the Hubei Vegetable Association. Wang Bo, Secretary of the Party Committee of Enshi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, delivered a welcome speech. Yuan Shangyong, director of the Vegetable Office of the Hubei Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Zheng Shuliang, the first-level chief officer of the Vegetable Office of the Hubei Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs; Nie Qijun, associate researcher at the Institute of Economics, Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Wan Zhengjie, professor of Huazhong Agricultural University; researcher, Hubei Agricultural Society Gao Guangjin; Zhou Guolin, Deputy Director, Vegetable Research Institute, Wuhan Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Li Weidong, Dean, Enshi Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Xiang Jiyan, Deputy Dean, Shen Yanfen, Yang Yongkang, Director, Institute of Pharmaceutical Horticulture, State Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Yin Hongqing, Deputy Director , Gao Jianhua, Director of Potato Institute; Huang Yanting, Section Chief of Economics and Production Section of Enshi Prefecture Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Liu Wenlu, Senior Agronomist, Economics and Production Division, Senior Agronomist; Li Weiqun, a second-level researcher of the State Plant Protection Station, attended the meeting.

In recent years, Hubei's vegetable industry has developed rapidly, with obvious advantages and outstanding characteristics, which have made contributions to increasing agricultural efficiency, increasing farmers' income, and increasing rural greens. According to statistics, in 2020, the province’s vegetable and edible fungi sown area is 19.54 million mu, with an output of 41.19 million tons, and a total output value of about 152.5 billion yuan, accounting for more than 1/3 of the total output value of the planting industry. Among them, the planting area of alpine vegetables is 2.1 million mu, the total output is 5.7 million tons, and the annual external adjustment is more than 3.8 million tons, ranking first in the country.

"Enshi Prefecture is the main force in Hubei's alpine vegetables, with an output of about 270 tons and an output value of nearly 5.5 billion yuan. 300,000 farmers grow alpine vegetables and increase their income by 5,000 yuan per household." Huang Yanting, Section Chief, Economics and Production Section, Enshi Agriculture and Rural Bureau According to the introduction, at present, mountain vegetables in the Wuling mountainous area are facing problems such as single species, scarce high-quality varieties, overly concentrated crops, and fierce competition among homogenized varieties, which has led to increased downward pressure on traditional vegetables and unstable market benefits.

In order to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation and prosperity in the Wuling mountainous area, adjust the planting structure of mountain vegetables, develop characteristic and high-quality vegetables, increase farmers' income, and help rural revitalization, Enshi Academy of Agricultural Sciences guides farmers in Enshi, Hefeng, Lichuan and other places to demonstrate new and strange planting , Special vegetable rookie-Asian and African broccoli. At present, there are 14 trial planting sites in the whole prefecture, and 5 varieties of trial planting have been successful.

According to He Yafei, general manager of Wuhan Yafei Seed Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Asia and Africa Seed Industry"), Asian and African Broccoli is independently developed by the company and has the right to protect new plant varieties and has new, unique, special, and superior functions. New varieties of vegetables can be planted and produced annually. Its early-maturing, mid-maturing, late-maturing and extra-late-maturing series of new varieties are planted in various regions across the country, with an average yield of 3000 jin per mu and an average net income of 5,000-7,000 yuan per mu. The market potential is very huge.

"It is particularly gratifying that Asian and African broccoli is rich in protein, vitamins A, B, C, and E. The vitamin content is twice that of cabbage and four times that of tomatoes, and the content of vitamin A is 100 times that of cauliflower." Huazhong Professor Wan Zhengjie of Agricultural University said that the content of selenium in particular exceeds the Hubei standard, as high as 0.3 mg per kilogram.

Because of this, Asian and African broccoli is favored by the market and consumers. At present, the Asian and African Broccoli has settled in large supermarkets such as Zhongbai Warehouse, Hema Fresh and Benlaixian in Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing and other places.

At the meeting, Qiu Zhengming, Wan Zhengjie, Gao Guangjin, Nie Qijun, Zhou Guolin and other leaders exchanged experiences and suggestions on broccoli planting, cultivation, research and development, management, and marketing to the guests.

Yuan Shangyong, director of the Vegetable Office of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Hubei Province, said that Asian and African broccoli planting trials and demonstrations in Enshi have been successful initially, and there is a lot of room for development. Especially as an optimized variety of alpine vegetables, it has broad prospects. He hoped that the “Asian and African Seed Industry” would seize the opportunity of Wuhan’s pairing to help Enshi, actively participate in the practice of revitalizing the countryside, and unite seed companies, large planters, sales companies and scientific research institutes to form the "Hubei Asia and Africa Broccoli" covering the entire industry chain. "Industrial Alliance" and make full use of the selenium resources of Enshi's "World Selenium Capital", through the promotion of planting Asian and African broccoli, to create a new "selenium" prospect for Hubei's alpine vegetables, to achieve diversification of alpine vegetables, technology integration, and green production The strategic goals of fusion, taste quality and marketing branding.

New "selenium" prospects for alpine vegetables: A demonstration meeting on the cultivation of Asian and African broccoli moss in the Wuling mountainous area was held in Enshi
"Early in the morning, the car that bought the broccoli drove to the field, and it was in short supply for five yuan a catty. If it is planted in this way, the income per mu of land this year will be
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